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Small Quality Control & Inspection Services in Asia

Asia Quality Control is a quality inspection company specialized in on-site product inspection, factory audit, and product testing management.

Our main services includes the following activities:

SUPPLIER AUDIT - Usefull to verify the liability of a supplier before placing order
- Express Factory Audit
- ISO 9001 Audit
- SA 8000 Audit
- C-TPAT Audit

PRODUCTION INSPECTION - Usefull to keep control and eye on your production in order to catch non conformities before shipment
- Initial Production Inspection
- During Production Inspection
- Pre-Shipment Inspection / Final Random Inspection / Finished Quality Control
- Production Monitoring / Production Check
- Defectives Product Sorting

- Container Loading Supervision / Container Loading Check

Asia Quality Control executes inspection operations in Asia on behalf of international buyers, traders, importers, distributors, retailers.

Coverage area include: Hong Kong, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Turkey.

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Our vision is to help entrepreneurs, companies, retailers, distributors.. Anyone to manufacture and produce safely in Asia. We want to break the stigma that products manufactured in Asia means the quality is low. By controlling, verifying productions, suppliers across this area, we believe we can help business to develop more easily in Asia.

We are rigorous on ourselves about how we work, we like things to be well done and that's what pushed us to apply these same principles to the inspections and audits we do.



We are a team of enthusiastic people coming from different backgrounds and experiences. We are passionate and curious about our work - discussing and meeting new people is a way to learn new things before anything else. We pursue the values of learning to improve our abilities and when we are not leveraging our skills, we have small breakaway in team to the beach or other places.

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