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Betatron is Hong Kong’s first non-vertical accelerator programme providing both funding and mentorship for startups. The program will be run bootcamp style with an intensive schedule focused on the startup’s fundamental KPIs and progress.

It will launch early January 2017 and will take on five startups in their first cohort.


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Small Michael Kerr our Programme Manager

Betatron was born from the desire by Hong Kong’s venture capital and investment community to generate more successful Hong Kong-based startups and to raise our ecosystem to the next level.

Startups are extremely challenging. As entrepreneurs, we face massive challenges. They are difficult to comprehend unless one has been an entrepreneur themselves. We believe that mentors should also be entrepreneurs, and our mentors are people with areas of expertise that startups need. We are gathering successful founders in Hong Kong and abroad to help startup succeed.


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Betatron has five founding partners who are all based in Hong Kong — IC Studio, MindWorks Ventures, Vectr Ventures, CoCoon Ignite Ventures and Aria Group. I like to say that the partners of Betatron are like a great startup. The majority of the partners come from very similar backgrounds. They grew up in Hong Kong knowing of each other and often crossing paths during their secondary school years. Most went off to university outside in Hong Kong but came back to make a difference locally.

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