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Small The essential membership to enjoy the best bars with your friends!
Small Our team at launch in July, growing fast since then!

Our mission is simple. We are here to enhance Hong Kong's nightlife by cutting through the fog when choosing your nightlife destination. Our users can redeem drinks with bars within our extensive network.

By joining us, you're helping other people explore Hong Kong's vibrant nightlife and get the best deals for a fun night out.


From company happy hours, quiet bite outs to going all out on a big night, we all have trouble finding the best place for a drink. There are just too many choices. We need you to help each other seek the best deals.

The subscription model and redemptions are innovative in a way that bars can promote themselves. You can now read beforehand and try what they have to offer. Whether you're a loyal customer for one pub, or you're a bar hopper destined to find the best spot, this app is here for you - one drink at a time.

If you take bars as seriously as us, then we will have something to discuss about.


We take social lives seriously, and social connections are vital in living in this bustling city of Hong Kong. We want to make people happy and nice bars successful.

We work hard, we are curious, and we want people to explore while partying.

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