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IC Studio partners with talented and passionate entrepreneurs to build tech-based companies. We accelerate the process of venture-building by turning ideas into sustainable, valuable businesses.
We are here to be the co-founders of the latest start-ups and endeavour to help launch the first minimum viable product (MVP) with all the support needed to achieve market fit and traction.
Does helping each idea to materialise sound like a meaningful challenge to you?



It is a truism that there are always new ideas around the corner in Hong Kong. Honestly, we live in Asia Pacific’s start-up hub, and ideas are meant to fly. We have also seen great ideas that could not take-off, just because it lacked the essential support – and one case is too many.

With this in mind, we are always open to new ideas that have potential – and that’s how we approach finding new talents too. We seek partners who want to make a mark in the start-up ecosystem by helping other take-off.


We create, we get things done, and we have fun. We are a bunch of serial entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and marketers with lots of ideas on our own. We practise the Lean Start-up ideology and make things happen from there.

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