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JOBDOH is a location based, on-demand mobile platform to book best-fit temporary workers. Using JOBDOH reduces the hassle and inefficiency of going through a middleman. While our solution caters to all SMEs and individuals requiring labor help, we are starting with the hospitality/ food and beverage (F&B) and exhibition industry. Using Hong Kong as a pilot city, where 30+% of their 280K workforce in F/B is defined as casual, we will capture nearly 90K casual jobs annually, generating over USD5B in productivity.



In China, there are 60 million temporary (casual) workers, who work in premises such as banquets, hotels, restaurants and exhibitions. (There were 10 million wedding banquets held in 2013.) These workers tend to get jobs through family, friends, essentially word of month. Effectively capturing and channeling this labour force to employers would generate an annual productivity of USD50 billion. JOBDOH was created to achieve just that.



JOBDOH aims to transform the way we work and live.

For employers in the hospitality and exhibition industry, it is a mobile booking platform to search for and schedule quality temporary workers. Workers are pre-screened, pre-analysed and optimised to match the job requirements.

For workers, they may choose jobs catered to their profiles including task preference, location and schedule. They may also use it as a mini-resume as their work records and ratings are recorded and reflected.

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