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Riotly Social is a premium B2B Instagram Management Service, we help small/medium businesses who use Instagram to grow their followers, increase engagement, and increase revenues. We are already profitable and growing aggressively. Launched in 2015, Riotly makes it effortless for businesses to reach out to target customers and build relationships that make them a follower and increases their chance of becoming a real customer. On average 80% of our customers experience an increase in sales with our service with many fully developing Instagram as another main source of revenue. We are growing over 50% per month in customers and revenues, over 200 paying customers, and more demand than we can handle. We are now hiring an Account Manager to help us with our fast-paced growth.


Small Problem 1: Hard to differentiate your brands
Small Problem 2: No sales assistance to convert sales

At Riotly, we are solving two key problems facing small/medium busineses on instagram, first it is hard to differentiate and expose your brand as there are too many businesses. Second it is difficult to derive revenue from customers as there is no active sales assistance to convert viewers into paying customers. We strive to solve these two problems with our platform that helps businesses reach out to their target customers and then interact with them through live chat to help them purchase.


Small Founder: Ho Yin Cheung
Small Growth Hacker: Alan Contoz

Ho Yin has worked in ecommerce for over 4 years, selling over 100,000 units of the innovative iMagnet Mount and Infant Optics Baby Monitor on Amazon, bringing in over $4M in annual sales. He has doubled the revenue and sales team of a digital app marketing business within 1 year, winning the Bronze Agency of the Year Award in Hong Kong. Educated as a bioengineer, Ho Yin has worked at banks and also as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies advising them on IT strategy.

Alan is an experienced growth hacker started his own startup Spottable (location-based social network) in Italy and managed digital marketing campaigns for brands like BMW, Mini, LV, Lacoste, and Nike.

We look smart, driven, and individuals who are hungry to learn. We look for hard workers who love to help customers, but also like to think of new ways to solve problems. We love data driven learning, and particularly people who are willing to constantly test and try new things in order to make mistakes and learn from them. If you think you are the right fit for our dynamic, hard working culture, please apply!

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