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Uber Hong Kong combines mobile technology, data, and skilled drivers to solve Hong Kong’s urban transport problems.

We make a smartphone app that provides users with an on-demand, private car service to take them safely and smoothly to where they need to go, in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities  around the world -- all at the push of a button. And, this is just the early days - we believe new talents can help us redefine the way people experience and get around a city.


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Imagine after a night out or just a late night after class or work. There is no public transport, and you are in a hurry to get back home. That’s where Uber comes into the equation.

Our app allows our approved drivers share their cars and be the driver, where they can be our next urban transport solution.

By joining us, you can be innovative bunch that will set change into the society. Learn from us, and we can make this breakthrough together.


Small Operation and Marketing Coordinator Graduate Trainee 2015
Small Choices for Hong Kong

We are into anything innovative. We believe that urban movement should not be confined by pre-existing ways, and quality transport services should be for everyone.

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