Use recruitment to tell your story.

Smartcasual@Work is a recruitment campaign service. Showcase your team culture and business vision,
and find matching candidates through your social graphs.

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Smartcasual@Work brings the most competitive package that works


In average, recruiters charge 15-25% of the annual salary as a commission per successful hire. Smartcasual is free to start with and we do not charge any success fee.


Start receiving like-minded candidates soon after posting an opportunity. Chat directly on the website and arrange an interview on the spot.


Our UI makes it easy to create an engaging profile to communicate your culture. Hire those who can share your company's vision.

1. Create appealing job opportunities easily

Showcase your culture and vision to attract passionate candidates

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2. Boost the exposure of your job opportunities over social media

Make use of social graph to reach to trustful network

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3. Manage everything. Visualize everything.

Keeps track of performance of your recruitment campaign.
Manage published opportunities and communication with candidates in one place

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Companies we’ve worked with

From startups to mid size companies

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