Propaganda Panda at Hotline Killer App Company SKIPMENU

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What We're Building

Small Skipmenu shows you visual phone menus & connects you straight to the live agent
Small We’ve covered all the banks, insurers, telecom companies and other service providers in Hong Kong

Hate automated phone menus telling you to "press 1 for this” and "press 2 for that" whenever you call a company? Skipmenu converts robot voice menus into interactive text versions that you SEE, not HEAR. Using our app, callers can reach customer service 7x faster. Download our iOS or Android app and check it out!

Skipmenu was featured in the South China Morning Post as a "truly killer app." (19 May, 2016)

Help us expose the companies hiding behind their hotlines and make calling customer service GREAT again!


Companies should be accountable to their customers. Our goal is to replace all automated phone attendants with a visual interface, allowing callers to reach the customer service they’re paying for!


We are a fun, multicultural team of experienced entrepreneurs. We work at the best (we think) co-working space in Hong Kong! We work almost non-stop around the clock, but hours and location are flexible.

Join us

Our bootstrapped startup is looking for interns who want to turn the world of customer service upside down. As Propaganda Panda, you are spreading the good news about Skipmenu on various media and channels.

You have one job: create written content optimized for virality and SEO. No idea what that is? No problem, we'll teach you all the tricks! Afterwards, use social meda to share your work with the world. Skipmenu Style.

We have only 3 requirements: proficiency in Chinese (简或繁) or English or Français, preferably have own laptop, and that you *hate* phone menus.

Lots of perks working at Skipmenu: international staff from Canada and Germany, gorgeous co-working space, free coffee and milk, fooseball (table soccer), board games, and Nintendo Wii — bet you can't beat us in SSBB, MK8, or Catan!

Looking forward to kicking your a... i mean, your application in our inbox :)

Looking for Marketing
Job Type Internship Part-time
Visa Sponsorship Available
Remote work Allowed
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