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When it comes to making decisions, sometimes it’s better to get a little help from the friends you trust. The ones that care and the ones whose opinions matter. For questions and answers you want to keep between friends, we’ve created Votee: the fun (and private) way to vote and get instant opinions from the people who matter.

All you need to do is ask a question, add an image and invite your friends. The best part is that you can ask them anything! From an opinion on what outfit to wear on a first date, to who you think should run for President of the United States.

With Votee, you don’t have to sift through long email or message threads to just find broken bits and bobs of information. Votee lets you can keep track of all the questions you’ve asked and see the vote results in an organised manner, so you can make quicker and better decisions.

Votee is always private and secure – only the people you invite get to see the question, vote, and comment. You can also set the question to be open to the public to reach a wider audience if you so choose.


Small Everybody can voice out their opinions

We believe in true democracy for everyone, and that starts by an individual exercising his or her democracy on a daily basis.



We are a small startup team. We strive to build the best app with great technologies and experience design. We believe in the vision and work together with wild thoughts. This is the best place to challenge yourself and unleash your potential.

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We are looking for a passionate Android enthusiast with hacking talent. Did you attend Google I/O? Did you look into and hack the Android Source Code? Do you love Material Design? If yes, we would be eager to talk to you. We are super flexible and wild to experiment the latest technologies, to explore for the possibilities to enable the power of group decision making. Make the process fun and challenging. It would be a great journey to work with us on this project. Talk to us if you are interested.

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