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What We're Building

Small We develop world class apps
Small Our flagship product - Skygear.io

Oursky is a digital product studio founded in 2008. We develop web & mobile apps for startups and enterprises. In 2015, 60% of Oursky's published iOS apps were featured in Apple's App Store and one was selected as a Best of 2013 App.

Our flagship product - Skygear.io, is an open-source backend as a service (BaaS) for Web / Mobile / IoT. Skygear.io provides common backend services (such as authentication, database, push notifications, background jobs, pub-sub, chat, and messaging etc.), server-less functions in microservices architecture. Developers can thus focus on building amazing client-side experiences faster and easier.

We also runs a few side-products for developers, including makeappicons.com, shotbot.io and mockuphone.com, which are used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide every months.


* We want to build a workplace where engineering drive most of the decision and developers feel good to work at;
* We want to develop great apps, great product; And for our main business we focus at creating products useful for developers;

Ultimately, we wish to build a company with great developer products, friendly environment, sells mostly via words of mouth or affiliation.


Small Team Photo
Small Regular Friday Team Sharing

Oursky was founded when 3 developers want to build a workplace where they love to work at and can enjoy coding; Thus we define Oursky by:

* We’re developers, and build a company where we want to work;
* We’re geeky and use latest technologies and whatever is cool;
* We appreciate good design and build usable and great digital products;
* We fight for a better world, and actively involve in progressive social changes;
* We feed cats.

And here is how our office work:
* We don't have fixed office hour nor holiday policy. People usually come in anytime from 9.30 - 12 noon; As long as you show up in agreed meeting time and complete work it's fine.
* We do many random side project: e.g. when we move into our new office our fellows connected the door lock with Raspberry Pi; And now we have iPhone / Android / Pebble / Slack command for opening the door...
* We have an office in Taipei and some time we organize working trip together;
* We have presentation Fri every week, people can feel free to join and share anything they want, topics range from Das Capita to Tensorflow project

Check out our blogs for more information:
- Ourskyer's Life http://life.oursky.com/
- Business Blog http://blog.oursky.com/
- Code Blog https://code.oursky.com/

Join us

Want to work in small team, with co-workers who enjoy trying Erlang for the next project with real-time sync requirements, debate which design pattern should be applied, and implement UI which looks amazing with great UX?

At Oursky:
* You will architect and build new web or mobile apps in their entirety.
* You will be involved in discussions, planning and brainstorming features for different digital products.
* You will learn and being coached by senior developers via standup meetings and code review.
* You will be following our development process including using github, code review with Pull Request, issue tracking in sprints cycle, and CI with travis, etc.
* You will have the opportunity to grow into a leadership role by coaching others, improving our tech and development process.
* Have fun and play with the cats in our office. :)

Usually we write code in the following tech stacks, you don't have to know all of these coming in.

* Backend: Python / Pyramid / Go-lang
* Web Technologies: HTML5 & CSS / React.js / Gulp.js / Webpack.js
* Database: MySQL / Postgresql / MongoDB / Redis
* Mobile: Native iOS / Android / React Native
* Tools: Slack / Github / Travis-CI / waffle.io

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