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What We're Building

Easysmile is for anyone who wants a smile they’ll absolutely love. We straighten and whiten most smiles gently, remotely, and in an average of 5 months for quick, clear confidence


We believe you shouldn't have to pay a small fortune for a smile you'll love. We work directly with customers, avoid costly office visits, and ship aligners straight to you.

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Currently, if you want to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners you have to get them via your orthodontist. They usually get the aligners via a dental lab or a company like Invisalign. These companies usually charge the orthodontists something around $5000 to $12000 HKD depending on the complexity of their patient's case. This is the part where it gets expensive. Typically the orthodontist will markup the invisible aligner treatment around 5 to 8 times! They'll justify their lofty pricing with the fact that running a dental clinic is very expensive.

We decided to implement the popular direct to consumer business model to the invisible aligner industry. We send you the invisible aligners directly from the dental lab. This saves you from having to deal with orthodontists and their lofty fees. To ensure a safe and comfortable customer experience we have a network of orthodontists who can evaluate your smile and assist you with your treatment plan. At Easysmile, it’s our mission to make smiles more affordable by offering invisible aligner treatments at 70% less than competitive brands.


1: Evaluation
Get an FREE 30-minute in-person evaluation. Once you're evaluated a dental professional will create your treatment plan.

2: Get Aligned
We'll ship monthly deliveries of invisible aligners and whitening gel directly to you for $14,700 HKD or $680 HKD for 24 months.

3: Retain Your Smile
After you complete your treatment, you can order retainers to help maintain the smile you love for only $800 HKD a set.

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Job Description:

Work on a commission basis per sale. $2000 HKD per treatment sale

More languages the better.

Outgoing connecter who has the ability to introduce this product to a lot of people in Hong Kong.

Isn't afraid to cold call and do whatever it takes to get a sale and sell to their personal networks.

Candidates with connections to prominent Instagramers for marketing and large data sets for cold contacting techniques will be favored.

The situation is as follows:

2 person company, pre-funding bootstrapping to the first 100 sales (I made 5 so far) then raising capital to fulfill the broader vision and create a defensive moat by building a formidable technology stack. 

Very early stages to say the least. All we are looking for is someone to help in getting to that initial goal right now who knows what the future holds. I could pay you a commission of $2000 HKD per treatment sale.

Basically looking for a trustworthy open minded person to increase sales yesterday. 

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Visa Sponsorship Not Available
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